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ACT-Prep ist ueber Mathe, Englisch, Lesen und Analysieren von Texten, Tabellen und Graphs

Hier ist ein Test zur Berufswahl:

Group One

Do you...
1. want to work with the environment?
2. have a knack with computers?
3. love to calculate and solve math problems?
4. enjoy building projects?
5. have a natural love for young children?
6. balance your checkbook to the nearest penny?
7. like to be in and around a hospital environment?
8. like to socialize?
9. care deeply about other's needs?
10. like to try out new software programs?
11. like to fight for the rights of others?
12. like to problem solve?
13. like to be a group leader?
14. excel at fund raisers?
15. wonder how things work or could work better?
16. like to travel?

Group Two

Do you...
1. love animals and farms?
2. feel comfortable speaking in front of others?
3. enjoy bossing others?
4. like going to construction sites?
5. like communicating with young and old?
6. like to think through problems?
7. like to take care of the sick?
8. like to try out new vacation spots?
9. like to help others?
10. become fascinated around computers?
11. like being around a lot of action and commotion?
12. like to improve how things work?
13. like to attend meetings?
14. like to talk?
15. have a scientific mind?
16. like to be "on the go"?

Group Three

Do you...
1. like to work outdoors?
2. like relaying messages to others?
3. like to negotiate?
4. remember building blocks as a child?
5. like to give directions to others?
6. like working with money?
7. like to help others to feel better?
8. love to cook?
9. feel good about yourself after helping someone?
10. prefer working alone?
11. handle crises well?
12. like to figure things out?
13. feel comfortable making decisions for others?
14. like to argue?
15. love to solve complex mathematical problems?
16. like a varied schedule?

Group Four

Do you...
1. love planting and watchings things grow?
2. like being creative?
3. like handling money?
4. like working outside?
5. like planning lessons to teach others?
6. like record keeping?
7. prefer working inside?
8. like to try out new recipes or restaurants?
9. feel comfortable being on call?
10. like creating?
11. feel calm under pressure?
12. like making things?
13. seek the limelight?
14. prefer a varied schedue with irregular hours?
15. love researching?
16. like learning other languages and cultures?

Group Five

Do you...
1. enjoy studying fish in a pond or aquarium?
2. habe a flair for dramatics?
3. like being organized and efficient?
4. feel a need to have closure to projects?
5. have lots of patience?
6. deal precisely with figures?
7. like reading about health research?
8. like to plan?
9. like watching children play?
10. like to pay attention to details?
11. feel comfortable around weapons?
12. often visualize a final project before it's finished?
13. feel comfortable in front of a television camera?
14. consider yourself a people person?
15. believe science can help the world?
16. like to map out trips?

Group Six

Do you...
1. like to attend livestock fairs and auctions?
2. like telling a story - in words or print?
3. like analyzing the stock market?
4. want to build your own home some day?
5. like to help others be successful?
6. like learning about stocks and bonds?
7. have a comforting nature?
8. feel comfortable flying?
9. work well with poor people and diverse groups?
10. like to experiment?
11. feel a strong sense of right and wrong?
12. enjoy working with machines?
13. like to work with others to solve problems?
14. put things together well?
15. like to work alone as well as with others?
16. like to drive for long distances?

Antworte allen Fragen mit "Ja" oder "Nein".
Erstelle eine Tabelle mit auf der linken Seite
1. Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
2. Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
3. Business, Management & Administration
4. Architecture & Construction
5. Education & Training
6. Finance
7. Health Science
8. Hospitality & Tourism
9. Human Services
10. Information Technology
11. Law, Public Safety & Security
12. Manufacturing
13. Government & Public Administration
14. Marketing, Sales & Sales
15. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
16. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
Auf den oberen Balken schreibt ihr dann die Gruppen 1 bis 6. Jedesmal wenn ihr "Ja" geantwortet habt, macht ihr einen Haken in der entsprechenden Gruppe/Berufsmoeglichkeit/Nummer. Wo ihr die meisten Haekchen gemacht habt, liegt euer moeglicher Zukunftsberuf.
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