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Anatomy: Gym Teacher Tragedy

Five gym teachers traveling to a 3-week workshop on the proper use of a whistle, were involved in a fatal head-on collision with a garbage truck, ironically carrying used gym socks to a toxic waste dump. Their first names were Biff, Chuck, Madge, Paula, and Tug. Their last names, in no special order were, Weenser, Crotchly, Saplicker, Jockker, and Scumsler. A super secret government agency, seizing on this important opportunity, rushed to the scene of the accident and removed the brains of these gym teachers for further study. Hooking the brains up to sophisticated computers, the government scientists attempted to communicate with the brains but found that they could understand only one brain lobe of each teacher and no two teachers used the same lobe. The different lobes were the frontal, the temporal, the parietal, the occipital, and the limbic lobes. Each lobe would only talk about one thing and these things were either rope climbing, lap running, jumping jacks, duck walking, or horse vaulting. Based on the clues, match the first names with last names, the only lobe the gym teachers used, and the only topic that lobe would discuss.

rope climbing_rope climbing_rope climbing_rope climbing_rope climbing
lap running___lap running____lap running_____lap running__lap running
jumping jacks_jumping jacks_jumping jacks_jumping jacks_jumping jacks
duck walkin_gduck walking_duck walking_duck walking_duck walking
horse vaulting_horse vaulting_horse vaulting_horse vaulting_horse vaulting

1. Jockker's only usable brain lobe was the parietal and Weenser's emporal lobe kept stressing the importance of jumping jacks in western civilization.

2. The person who only used the occipital lobe talked about rope climbing and Madge and Paula weren't named either Weenser or Scumsler.

3. Saplicker's limbic lobe kept talking about horse vaulting and Biff and Chuck weren't named either Crotchly or Saplicker.

4. Tug wasn't Weemser and neither Biff or Chuck used the parietal lobe.

5. Madge, Paula, and Tug didn't use either their frontal or temporal lobes.

6. Biff wasn't Weenser and Madge and Paula weren't Saplicker.

7.Madge didn't use her parietal lobe and Biff's brain didn't talk about duck walking.

Viel Spass damit! Ist nicht sehr schwer ;-)

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